e3 Mountain Academy

More than just a race camp

Curtain up for the future top ski instructors, super skiers and passionate winter sports enthusiasts: As part of the e3 Mountain Academy, we train kids and teenagers in racing, off-piste, deep powder and high moguls. The youngsters learn cool tricks in the fun park, the right behaviour off-piste and how to use avalanche transceivers and shovels. There is also plenty of fun to be had.

For kids who just laugh about a black piste.

  • max. 3 – 6 kids
  • race gate training
  • off piste training

Children's group lessons

Course Details & Prices

Days All day Booking
1 Day 110€ Book now
2 Days 210€ Book now
3 Days 290€ Book now
4 Days 350€ Book now
5 Days 405€ Book now
6 Days 455€ Book now